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    Very cool.

    And my two cents: I have met 3 people so far who have joined the Marines who got their citizenship from it. All outranked me too! It's nice to see a little diversity here and there, helps with new ideas etc. I hope you achieve your goals, I'd take you over some 17 year old punk that can barely spell and got a 33 on the ASVAB any day.

    Best of luck to ya,

    LCpl Yonkers

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    Your great attitude and hunger for improvement in your life will take you very far. Best of luck to you, young man.

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    Thank you, good fellows. Religiously, I don't believe the world has any inherent meaning or purpose, but that does not preclude existing individuals from giving the world purpose. And a purpose is the most valuable thing you can ever own in your lifetime. Hopefully I'll find that purpose amongst brothers in the Corps.
    Thanks to everyone for their support.

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