Reserve distance waiver.
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    Reserve distance waiver.

    I have been working with my recruiter since July of this year. We agreed on 03xx before I started the process. Sgt. calls me up on wed to tell me I'm going to meps(been trying to go since Aug, but he kept flaking). When I show up to his office, he gives me the ROEP form to sign. I read it carefully and discover a Motor T mos. I politely tell him 03xx or no go. He agrees and prints out a new one w/ 0341. We all hop in the van and drive to MEPS in SD. I take asvab(scored 77), and pass medical. He comes to me right before I'm set to meet with liaison and tells me that I gotta go Motor T. I brought up distance waiver and he said he'd check. Came out of the office less than 5min later and told me no. I am aware that the needs of the Corps come first, and I'm fine with that. I just feel like he is trying to stick me in motor t to meet a quota. To whom would I speak to(above recruiter) to see if I can get a distance waiver? Thank you for your time!

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    Start with his boss. You say he is a Sergeant. Go to the SNOIC of the office and speak to him. You need to go up the chain of command.

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    Thank you, sir! Would you happen to know if that waiver is through MEPS or RS?

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