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    Target practice it is, then....see? I knew he wasn't completely useless!

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    All of that experience and he did not even qualify with the Rifle or Pistol I am appalled. Stupid Sh**.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC1963 View Post
    I don't get angry about this stuff like a lot of people do. It is too pathetic to even muster up some anger. Especially when they're not getting any benefits of any kind, which is a different story.
    But what I can't understand is the mentality. Doing this like there are no real Marines anywhere in the world who just might call you on it in front of other people.

    It's like dressing up like an astronaut and going to NASA like no one is going to notice you're not really an astronaut. It's literally crazy.

    I really believe a normal, sane person would not do this. There has to be something dreadfully wrong upstairs for someone to pose like this, and it's probably that that keeps me from getting angry, the same way a person who is insane throws a rock through a window, you don't view that in exactly the same way as someone who is just causing trouble just for kicks. You know the insane guy isn't really responsible for his actions.

    I see guys like this in almost the same light. When they collect money, though, we're talking about something different.
    Let him wear the airforce uniform not ours,Semper Fidelis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronal5 View Post
    All of that experience and he did not even qualify with the Rifle or Pistol I am appalled. Stupid Sh**.
    Didn't even notice that, Lol.

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    Looking at this individual's sad attempt to portray himself as a "Hard Charging Brown Bar" is almost comical. Aside from his chest full of ribbons and the non-reg. belt buckle, check out the pleats in his trousers. I can't remember pleats in my class A trousers.

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    I'm sure he has an AF uniform someplace in that closet. This dorkage has been noted on MULTIPLE websites but without a doubt, 'Dude, you gave the best...description....EVER. Many cool points to ya.

    Sadly, now that you've discovered our Shadoe Warriors TRUE story, I'm afraid that you've endangered National security at the highest level. Expect Mall Ninja's to visit you at any moment.

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    I think I recognize this guy, yep, that's Joe Schitt the ragman's son, Jack. Sure enough, that's Jack Schitt!

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