Why would they recheck everything?
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    Why would they recheck everything?

    Wounded in Nam in 67 and have been receiving comp for those wounds since 68. Later diagnosed with type II diabetes, ischemic heart disease, periferal artery disease and have been receiving comp for those as well. Back in August I sent in a claim form for PTSD, Unemployability, and tinnitus. Got paperwork today and they are sending me to a Psyh for the PTSD but sending me to a Dr to have not only what I filed for but also everything I have been receiving comp for.
    Anyone know whats up with this? Is this normal?

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    Yes, it is normal. When you put in a new claim for compensation they will check all other claims you are rated for to see if you still have the conditions you were rated for.

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    Yep, all normal, Ive still got an open claim from 09 for IU and A&A. and now because of a stroke, my vision has gone bad enough they want to see about adding that to my cases load. So, i get this big ole stack of papers in the mail RE: the ongoing case and the new vision situation,lol. The only good news Im told is since ive moved from MO to SD my case gets moved from St louis to Sioux Falls which has a faster track record than st louis, Im not holding my breath on that one, lol. Either way good luck Ttomes with the diabetes and the heart issues, not fun at all, im diabetic as well. SEMPER FI Marine

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    Can u go back to school if you are 100% and p&t. full d/ss

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    I dont remember reading anything about why you couldnt KAELOBO. Obviously , depending upon your disability, would determine what courses you take. I know for me, Im waiting on Individual Unemployability or 100%, Im at 80% right now, but one of my issues is 60% so i should get it. Id love to take some courses at the local JC, or adult stuff for photography. What do you want to go back to school for?? what cpourses I mean?? SEMPER FI

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family Cpl, i only got to tenth grade , and iam 100% p&t, general classes be a start, i guess i could study at home, i don't think va will assist if you are collecting dis ss and if you are p&t,iam not sure i would like to try to be more educated,

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