Fellow Marines, I need a little help here... With respect to the USO I recently submitted a request for a Korean Pop group to take a tour of the hospital facility at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Ramstien AFB Germany, and then do a USO/Bob Hope style show for the troops as a Holiday kinda thing. Well They were rejected saying that there was no mandate for an "all girl group" to perform right now. Meanwhile I was sitting there looking at the USO website and reading that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were going to tour Okinawa and KOREA December 13-20, 2011.
Now wait a minute, and the worst of it was the attitude I was getting from the representative for having the audacity to even question the rejection. Now the rejection wasn't flat out no, it was we'll put them in the file and if anything comes up we'll call! Been there heard that! Then the truth started to surface she as described to me just how mainstream you need to be to tour with the USO, she rattled off a list of Country Western stars and there you have it. I love Country Western music too but what ever happened to the Bob Hope idea of VARIETY. Please go to this site look at the facts you can meet the group on the video page and judge for yourself if you would or would not like to be entertained by these girls. There is a survey page on which only 1 item would apply to non-fans but I'm going to Arlington and need all the punched chads I can get. A lot of Marines fought and died in South Korea, so they could be treated like second class citizens, get over yourself lady!!! Thanks for listening... Semper Fi'

the site: miles.carter.net