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Thread: a few questions

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    a few questions

    Hey everyone (marines, marine friends/family, so on)
    I was wondering how i can write a blog? i get to the control panel but do not see where i can post a blog. Thanks for your help!
    Once you go through MEPS and get a job lets say your 3rd choice but you would rather have your 4th choice now that you thought about it more...can you change it before boot?

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    Go to blog at the top of the page click on it. Look to your left click on your blog. If this does not work contact site bosses.

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    Says i have no entries to view but i dont see an area to write any thing in

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    Eric...you may or may not have have privileges to post a blog. You'll have to contact Sgt Leprechaun, one of the mods here on Leatherneck, to see if you can.

    Blog FAQ

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    SoftballCatch23 okay i will contact Sgt Leprechaun

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