Cat Eyes-Sniper-Vietnam
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    Cat Eyes-Sniper-Vietnam

    Future Marine here,

    My father served in Vietnam.

    Does anybody recognize the code name "Cat Eyes"?

    He was a sniper in the Marine Corps.

    Edward L. Gardiner

    As far as I know he went by Lloyd, though.

    As you can imagine he doesn't talk much about it, He!! he's probably told me the most outside of the men he served with.

    I hope that I'm posting this on the right forum!

    With respect,

    Poolee, Gardiner

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    You know who your dad was with...??

    Cat's eyes most likely was a reference to the old "Starlight" scope, gave off the greenish glow of a cat...

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    Snipers in vietnam

    Hello Marines. I've posted about this before but I'm looking for any more information out there. My father was a sniper in Vietnam.

    Edward Lloyd Gardiner

    I know that his codename was Cat Eyes.

    He later was in the Army with SOG.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    Semper Fi devil dogs.

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