Saturation for the 06 Field
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    Saturation for the 06 Field

    Good morning Marines!

    First let me say that, I understand being a Marine comes first. Also the needs of the Corps comes first.

    I have 7 years experience in the Data Field. Recently I was just "guaranteed" a spot as a DB 0600 1100. (Still not exactly sure how that pairing works) I'm ecstatic because i've been waiting since June to hear back whether or not I would be able to do Comms in the Corps. I'm shooting for a 0656 Data Network Specialist.

    Is there anything I can do while in Recruit Training, MCT, or My MOS school that would help me to get that job? Will any of the past 7 years be taken into consideration when it comes time for assinging me my job? I am not sure how much of a chance I could be assigned an 1100 job. My heart won't be broken, I just know I can contribute the most doing Comms. I was studying for my CCNA but don't want to waste the money/time if I'm going to be a radio operator.

    Any additional information is appreciated.


    My searches previously to constructing this thread:

    0600 Communications
    0612 Field Wireman
    0613 Construction Wireman
    0614 Unit Level Circuit Switch (ULCS) Operator/Maintainer
    0621 Field Radio Operator
    0622 Digital (Multi-channel) Wideband Transmission Equipment Operator
    0623 Tropospheric Scatter Radio Multi-channel Equipment Operator
    0627 SHF Satellite Communications Operator-Maintainer
    0628 EHF Satellite Communications Operator-Maintainer
    0651 Data Network Specialist
    0656 Tactical Network Specialist
    1100 Utilities
    1141 Electrician
    1142 Electrical Equipment Repair Specialist
    Program notes:
    *U.S. Citizen.
    *EL Score of 100 on the ASVAB.
    *Eligible for a SECRET Clearance.
    *Pass the Normal Color Perception (NCP) test w/ PIP (12 out of 14 correct) or FALANT. *Four (4) Year Term of Enlistment (TOE).
    *Possess a VALID Civilian Drivers License FOR ASSIGNMENT

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSgt Lamie;
    The Job SOU that you signed, DB, covers both the Communications and Utilities fields. Neither is your first or second choice. When you signed this form your Recruiter should of informed you that you could be placed in any of the MOS's that are in the 0600 or 1100 fields. What job you are given is determined by your ASVAB scores, background, and needs of the Marine Corps.

    If you want to get some information about the MOS's that are included in these fields i would suggest looking them up on and reading about the various jobs you could do.

    As far as knowing what specific job you will be doing, you will know by either the end of Recruit Training or MCT.
    Is it either or? Has anyone more information since this post? 01-06-11
    I'm unable to post in those threads, since it's in "Ask a Marine".

    Still looking for guidance. Not all of my questions have been answered.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oscrmyr
    Take it for what is is worth. You may not be qualified for a certain MOS but you may qualify for the Program Enlisted For. You Tracking?

    That program has 12 MOS's in it that you could potentially be placed into.
    I will have to double check my GT and EL. I know you can get a 5pt waiver? Is that true or just gossip?

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