Got my orders.
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Thread: Got my orders.

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    Got my orders.

    The story: I'm a student in FROC (Field Radio Operators Course). Last
    week my Chief Instructor gathered us into a different room as usual.
    He began to tell us something that we've been wanting for a while.
    He had our orders.

    Everyone got their orders except five of us.
    I happened to be one of the five.

    Today a PFC that works at the Co. office came into the class
    and gave my SSgt some papers. It was us five's orders.

    My orders are to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Attached to MARSOC.

    I'm pretty excited about it.

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    Congrats. Those were orders worth waiting for.

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    Thank you very much Staff Sergeant.
    I was wanting to be MARSOC before I joined.

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    Word of advice, NEVER say you are MARSOC. 1. Anyone that hears you say you are MARSOC will instantly know your duty with in the organization. 2. You will save your self a lot of anguish by stating you are a comm guy assigned to xxxx battalion. If you want to "be" MARSOC, do good in your first enlistment, dont get in trouble, continue your education, re-enlist and take selection. Then your dreams will be fulfilled.

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