November 16, 1945 -from my diary
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    November 16, 1945 -from my diary

    We pulled into Pearl Harbor a 3pm. We got liberty at 4pm. It seemed good to be in civilization again. I was so excited! four of my buddies and I went together. We drank malted milk and plain milk 'til we were so full. Oh,oh, And ate and ate different things. We went into Honolulu. It's pretty nice there, just like a big carnival, a serviceman's city. Very few girls, but it sure made a guy want to get back to his girl!.

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    Milk is really healthy for our body! In an economy like this, most people have their expenditures budgeted to the penny making it really hard when costs start to boost.

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    GOD - yah gotta love SPAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by m14ed View Post
    GOD - yah gotta love SPAM
    We used to call it....the poor mans meatloaf.

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    Don't know with Marine he's a friend with, but......I'll betcha he's a healthy Marine!

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    Does anyone know if Ray passed, no post from him for a long time.

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