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    I plan on joining the Marine Corps when I turn 18 this March. I'm kind of between jobs right now as far as what I want to do in the Marine Corps. I'm leaning more towards becoming a mortarman though. Can someone who has had the job tell me what it's like as far as the training, the lifestyle and such goes. What are mortarmen doing today?

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    The training is rough. Lots of gun drills. You'll need to be able to set up the gun and quickly. Providing mortar fire ( if we ever did that in country ) needs to be done with the quickness in case you need to get a squad of 0311's out of a bad situation.

    The lifestyle, the same as any other grunt.

    What are mortarman doing today? Every other infantry job, except mortars. But you still stay fresh with it just in case ya need to shoot an illum round haha. In country, I did not fire one mortar. But I did go on over 250 dismounted patrols. Shot (at the enemy) the .50cal, .mk19, and m240b. I swept on every single patrol for IED's. Etc, to give you an idea.

    Hope this helps.

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