I Am A Prior Service Recruiter!
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    I Am A Prior Service Recruiter!

    Ive been reading a bit here about how some are trying to come back in, and are running into some "substandard" 8411's.
    I cant help EVERYONE, but i can provide you with a little over 3 years of experiance as a PSR.
    Hit me up here and i will do what i can for you.
    In the past i have been able to give IRR Marines a list of documents to walk into a PSR office with, in order to let them know that you are serious. Ive also been able to pinpoint WHY you are being ignored, and how to overcome any "drawbacks"

    Before i am overwhealmed you need to disclose your....

    Re enlistment code-located in the lower right hand corner of your DD-214
    Male or Female
    geographic location
    date gaps if Sgt or above

    If this information is sensitive because you are a DADT or popped on a whizz quiz, (or anything of the sort) feel free to PM me. but i may take a bit longer to respond to those.


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    Do you have visibility on packages that have been submitted to HQMC for a waiver?

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    Reply to yor post.

    Can you tell me the odds of being able to Augment for a deployment?

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    never quit- i answered your PM
    devil bones- if they are from my district i do.

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    I just took an IMA detachment to Wounded Warrior Bn ... I am a non ob reservist. I am an 0311 Sgt and am trying to get with an Infantry BN to get over to Afghanistan. Can you point me in the right direction? My orders end on June 1st but I can de-mob whenever. If you can help me find something for the late spring/ summer that would be IDEAL but whatever you can work please shoot me some info.

    Rank: Sgt
    MOS: 0311
    Yrs of Service: 7
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 181
    Tattoos: 4 All tasteful Marine Corps tattoos. One on each shoulder blade. One on each inner bicep
    RE Code: 1A
    Sex: Male
    Date Gaps: None
    Location: Camp Lejeune

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    Is your IMA w WWBN a mobalized billet?
    If so, consider yourself VERY lucky.
    I will check my deploying billet tracker when i get back to the office.
    Keep this in mind tho..... A few people went out of thier way to qualify and screen you. Im almost cerain that you were not the only one applying for the billet that you landed. With that being said, leaving mid tour would pretty much be giving your billet sponsor the shaft when you left. IF you left to chase a deploying billet. Its alot like saying " thanks for your time, but im outta here because i got a better gig". On occasion, leders kinda expect that kinda stuff from 1st term Marines, but not from a seasoned Sgt.
    I realize that you are after an Afghan billet. I just hope you made it clear to those that were involved in your WWBN process.
    If i were you, i would ride it out with WWBN, and make the most of it. This will afford you an opportunity to function outside of the 0311 field, and get a fitness report that shows you are able to Lead Marines in any environment. At the same time, you are drawing ACDU pay and entitlements.
    i will shoot you a PM with the afghan rotation schedule on Mon or Tues. for spring summer

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    Re enlistment code-located in the lower right hand corner of your DD-214 =1A
    Age =32
    Tattoos =Moto Tat on Upper Arm / Last Name On mY Back
    Height = 6
    Weight = 200
    Male or Female = Male
    geographic location = New England
    date gaps if Sgt or above = Corporal

    Hi I have turned 32. I have read all about the constructive age. However I have a decent job and got out in 02 and my IA obligation ended in 06.

    I am very happy in my civilian life however I am missing the Corps. I keep reading up and was curious on.

    Getting into the reserves I noticed they have a duty station within a hour that has my prior MOS.

    Also would it be wise to try and re-enlist into the Inactive component then switch to reserves. (Sorry I read somewhere around here about that) Is this still a option.

    Thank You Very Much-

    Semper Fi

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    Waiting for that deployment rotation email... thanks

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    Age 25
    Tattoos None
    Height 6'5
    Weight 200
    geographic location south Dakota

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    Tattoos on lower legs and upper arms
    Western Kentucky
    been out since 2000

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    Marine Free Member
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    Nov 2011
    Chula Vista, CA, USA
    I am interested in returning to service, either Active or Reserve or ????

    Re enlistment code-1A
    geographic location - San Diego CA
    ended active duty 11/2002 as E4, "promoted" to E5 while on IRR
    IRR ended 07/2010

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    I'm a Drilling Reservist Lcpl, about to marry a freshly minted Marine on her Boot Leave, and want to go on Active Reserve to make it easier for us to be together.

    I need information on currently available Active Reserve billets, especially MOS 3451. I've spoken to two PSR's and have received contradictory word. On Nov 14, I spoke with the PSR who recruits in the district where my Unit is located, and he stated that there are available spaces within the AR program to retrain a 2161 to a 3451. As I do not reside within that district, he placed me into contact with the PSR for my home district. I have spoken with the PSR for my home district and he states 1) that the AR program does not retrain (even though the MarAdmin states that Lat moves are available) and 2) that all billets have been filled.

    Outside of my home district PSR, how can I go about finding out whether there are available 3451 billets? And, if there are billets still available, how should I go about working with the PSR for my home district?

    Drilling Reservist
    Age: 27
    Tattoos: 5
    Height: 76"
    Weight: 200
    geographic location: Peoria Illinois

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    All, for some reason the leatherneck website has been blocked by my work internet. Provider. As luck would have it I am in the middle of a move and do not have internet at home anymore. As I sit waiting on the bus typing away at my prehistoric cell phone I am unable to answer these questions in a timely manner. I should be able to Ger to them in a few weeks. 2161usmcr.... your Psr is leads than stellar to suggest that the ar doesn't retrain.

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    Marine Free Member sparkie's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    The Kingdom of Nye
    Jeepnee,,,,, I have an A1, I did 6 total and would like to bust back in. I'm 60 now but will bring my own ammo. My smokin may keep me outta the run. And my coughin may hold me outta the ambush. Still my AR 15 is good to go. I'm a damm good backup and don't mind dying much these days. Hook me up. Thanks, kid.

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    Age - 32 in Dec.
    Tattoos - Right tricep (Name) & Upper back (Tribal)
    San Antonio, TX
    Separated 11/30/2003 as an E-5

    TS clearance is good until 2013. Interested in the 0211 MOS in the Reserves. The Aurora, CO unit looks to be the best bet with direct flights.

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