Road becoming a Marine. Finally...
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    Road becoming a Marine. Finally...

    Hello everyone. As of last week, I got my paperwork done at MEPS for OCS under the PLC. (Stayed up a full 36 hours during the process. Mainly out of anticipation beforehand, and work afterwards) I believe I still need to wait to be selected, but in the meantime, I still need to:

    1. Pick an MOS: What are some good MOS options for someone good with computers, wants to see a little combat (forgive me if I sound ignorant on the concept of combat) and to get some good benefits of what The Corps can offer once I offer what I can to The Corps. I was thinking intel. From my understanding, an Officer doesn't really have an MOS option. Only between Ground, Air, and Law. Which Im not too comfortable with, but I still want to enlist/commission in a smart or strategic manner.

    Which brings me to some more questions.
    Is the officer path truly a "smart/wise" route?

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    There is truism in business finance that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.

    I would submit that a corollary is that a commission today is worth more than a commission maybe someday down the road.

    If you're accept into PLC, go for it. If not, find out what your shortcomings were, fix them, and apply for OCC after you graduate. Or, enlist and try for OCC down the road.

    However, enlisted service is no guarantee of acceptance into an officer program and no guarantee of passing. Plenty of former enlisted flunk OCC.

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    Thank you. I was just thinking on the realistic side that I dont get selected.

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    If you want to see combat join as a grunt...if you dont care then for the love of god stay out of the 03 field.

    Depending how your language skills are you may be able to go into a field such as HET or more along those lines.

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