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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzo4 View Post
    But the grunts are the Tip of the spear and everyone else is the shaft.
    It has been said by many that Grunts are the tip of the spear, but from my experience we certainly did seem to get the shaft more than other mos's most of the time.

    On the positive side, once you are a grunt it will stay with you your entire life. Many men and women will admire you (I've actually been told that many times), and some (those that doubt themselves) may actually say you were just trying to be macho. But, during my time grunts were kind of segregated from everyone else. In the Nam for instance there certainly weren't any pretty ladies around for us to impress. And when I was a cop I spent most of my time in the projects. Who were we trying to be macho to, each other? BS.

    Simply put, grunts are a different kind of Marine. They think different, act different, talk different (for instance there are at least 50+ different meanings for the F word). And let's not forget at times we certainly smell different. Grunts just see the world differently. And let's not forget that sometimes we are considered to be a little outspoken.

    Some perceive grunts as reckless, but when you have a committed plan and the confidence to take action there is definitely method to our actions. To a grunt living a long life and dying of old age is for wusses. And yet, as time has gone by, some of us actually accomplish that - and it doesn't look so bad now.

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    High respects to the grunts out there lost my 03 contract...shipped out early boot camp, was alot better then being homeless. If I ever get to chance Ill raise my hand and unlike some POGs I know and go outside the wire. I didn't earn the title to work on to fix lights. Trackin'??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merc6432 View Post
    I made the mistake and listened to my parents and went to Avionics 6300. If you are a techy and like working with aircraft that is great but it does not pay if you don't finish your tour. I was Avionics and a Med discharge due to exploding kneecaps. Recently I had them fixed but the Marines are not letting me back in right now. Since 9/11 all aircraft companies in the civilian world require a degree before you are even considered for a job. If I had been 0300 series i would have a job today with my cousin as an counter terrorist trainer making a 6 digit or close to it income. Instead I am barely making ends meet waiting for the Marines to change their mind and give me a NAVCOM waiver.

    Ensure that whatever job you pick is because you want to do that and not what others suggest. Otherwise you may end up in a sinking job boat when you leave the Corps. Or just retire from the Corps and then it doesn't matter what job you do. Semper Fi!
    My apologies if this is random but I am new to this site. I was just wondering if anybody knows anything more specific about being a counter terrorist trainer, because this sounds appealling to me. I tried googling it but did not find any helpful information, so if anybody can help me out I would be grateful. Thanks.

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