Air Force c141 loadmaster.I landed in Beruit but it look like landing in Hell.I took the men from Cherry Point in.Same one`s i took to Yuma/29 Stumps.That picture of them on landing will never leave,they were in a situation with zero info.I was backed up to a place that as i looked back was a crater behind the Airplane.I had the taste of metal in my mouth for months.I found out later from a old Tar that there gass alarms went off.I have had medical issuse sense.Chills,sinus reduction of lung 20% asthma allergys.Did anyone know what was in the mix?Does anyone else have issuses?I still can not get the mission out of my head.I also was on Rubber Ball the mission the bomb the Hell out of that place.Air Force 1972-1977 active 1980-1995 Reserves