Amazingly Beautiful
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    Amazingly Beautiful

    This morning right before I woke up at 0500 - normal I had a dream / vision that I just have to share.

    I was at a lake the sky was beautiful gorgeous fall day sun was setting and what must have been 10000 birds gathered in the sky and I told my wife look at those birds. At that time they gathered to form a beautiful outline of a cross. They were brown birds of some sort so the blue / red hue of the sun shining through them was a astounding site to say the least. They flew around again and formed another cross only in different dimension, Then they flew around to come together for the last time to form the final cross that is when Jesus appeared and ask that I come with him. I flew clumsily with him over the lake and came to a great factory in the sky being shreaded in what appeared to be a huge meat grinder and Jesus stated "I am tired of them destroying the planet" thats when I woke up.

    I can't stop thinking about it so I thought I should share with my band of brothers.

    Semper Fi
    Cpl Kevin D. Heglar

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    I thought this was gonna be a kini pic...

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    Kevin, I had a dream several years back. I was walking up this big hill. The longer I walked, the steeper it got. Until finally I was actually grabbing a hold of small trees and pulling myself up. Toward the very top it was almost vertical. When I finally got up on top, I walked to the highest spot. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Everything was so vivid, and colorful. When I looked down, there was clouds covering the view of land around the hill. I started to go back down, but there was a man standing there, that said, you don't want to go back. And that's when I woke up. I have never forgot that experience.

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    My dreams cause me to wake up screaming....never could figger that out.

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    So Kevin, what factory in Archdale pollutes the environment? Name the first one you can think of. We also know now that you are a Christian.

    Goose, I'm going to say you had just struggled hard to accomplish some task in your life and you were confronted with a decision in your life that would have undone a lot of that work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp2usmc View Post
    So Kevin, what factory in Archdale pollutes the environment? Name the first one you can think of. We also know now that you are a Christian.
    There are no factories here that make that amount of pollution and I would think it was a Nuclear Facility being ground up.

    I consider myself a man of God more than that of a Christian although I have mad love for Jesus and his sacrifice.


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    My grandmother, who died decades before I was born, appears to me in my dreams. It freaks my dad out to hear this because she was a practitioner of the old ways (we're Native American) and she is always telling me things that I have no way of knowing unless someone from the old days told me. My dad always says "You can't possibly know anything about that." She tells me things like who my ancestors are, the old family names and who guides me. There is no pattern to when she appears in my dreams, so I can't say it's only in stressful times, or when I don't know what to do about something. She just has me walk with her in my dreams and she tells me things. I also have frequent dreams where I am a coyote and the other coyotes in the pack are frightened of me, and we are all speaking our native tongue, and they tell me that they saw me die, and that I should not be there, as I am a ghost. I was hit by a car at age 13 and actually died for several seconds. Strange things, dreams.......

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    Can you draw a picture of it in MS Paint? I am having a hard time visualizing this.

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    I guess I don't get it. Shredding the factory is supposed to be a good thing?

    Maybe we need Daniel for this one.

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