1371 Combat Engineer?
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    1371 Combat Engineer?

    Hello Marines,

    I just DEPd in a week ago, and my recruiter and I have been talking a lot about MOSs. I really want to get 1371 Combat Engineer, and my recruiter believes that I shouldn't have any trouble getting that job. The only reason I am worried is because I have scoured the internet and found a lot of stories about people wanting 1371 but being put in other 13XX fields, and hating it. I keep asking my recruiter what I can do to make myself stand out when the time comes to assign MOSs to the 13XX Marines. He keeps telling me not to worry about it, and he said that he would try to pull some strings. Does anybody know if 1371 is in demand or not? I got a high ASVAB score (96 QT, 106 MM), will that help at all? Do people usually get the MOS they want? Thank you all in advance.

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    when I joined oh so long ago I wanted to be with AmpTracks! the mos was in the infantry support option along with Engineers and Arty! Lucky me got to be an Engineer. Had a chance while being a 1371 to go into EOD! I got out before that could happen due to other things! What ever you sign up for, usually you will get it. Just depends on the needs of the Corps!

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    times have changed in that field you can get thrown in like 4 different mos's there's no guarantee that you'll get combat engineer

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    My recruiter told me that since my papers got pushed through at the very start of the new fiscal year, they will be in the first chronological order when the time comes for the Corps. to choose who will get the 1371 slots (in addition to ASVAB, rifle range, swim, pt scores etc). It sounds reasonable to me, I trust my recruiter and he hasn't steered me wrong and vows not to. I'm just trying to be sure that my chances are solid before I take a gamble on one MOS within a whole field.

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