Way To Study/Test Rank Knowledge
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    Way To Study/Test Rank Knowledge

    Hey Poolees,
    So in preparation to leave for boot camp I came across a website with flash cards to learn the enlisted and officer ranks. After studying that they have a test so we can test ourselves on the ranks.
    I thought I would share it to give us another way to study and make sure were ready.

    However, we are unable to post links on forums without it being broken, so copy and past the following just back space it so it is all together.
    http : // quizlet . com / 4938782 / marine - corps - ranks - flash - cards /

    Try it out and then share wether or not it helped you.

    Good Luck to all!!!

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    this site has flash cards for a lot of other M.C information. In the top right corner there is a search bar if you type "Marine Corps" tons of other stuff will show up.

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    I havent typed that into my address bar but that seems sketchy you are allowed to post links on this site. poolees and Marines alike post links all the time.


    ETA:My link doesnt look like a broken link and works perfectly fine. Im calling BS.

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    Thats what I was told I have never tried so I just did it that way. I could care less either way, this was to simply help out other poolees.

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    MunkyvsRobot......you do owe usmcdjcs1ssy an apology.
    There is a filter on this site that doesn't allow certain sites to be posted on Leatherneck......example is ************* (military .com)

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    My apologies maam I spoke before I understood.

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    I dunno, I figure they're going to make you learn all of that stuff in boot camp, can't hurt to know. But I'm pretty sure there isn't a quiz on the yellow footprints as to what insignia is a staff sergeant. Hell, people used to end up on the yellow footprints the day they walked into the recruiting office..

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    Where is Private? The website says Rank 1: Enlisted is PFC. E-1 (1st rank of enlisted is Private..)
    I wouldn't suggest using this because you may get confused because, for example: E-6 is Staff Sgt, but it says Rank 6-Gunnery Sgt. To me it would just make more sense to write the ranks on flash cards yourself.. and possibly draw out the insignia.

    I think this is more useful to be honest:

    But it comes down to personal preference! Just thought i would give my opinion and another option!

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    Imma run through this right quick and test my knowledge before I hit those foot prints tomorrow.....

    Thanks miss

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    Sorry to let yall know but this site has the rank structure wrong. Its saying PFC is a E-1 when its a E-2 as well SSgt is E-5 when E-5 is a Sgt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon2HaveEGA843 View Post
    Sorry to let yall know but this site has the rank structure wrong. Its saying PFC is a E-1 when its a E-2 as well SSgt is E-5 when E-5 is a Sgt.
    Thats what I was just saying. You're better off just making your own flashcards. Plus i know the actual process of making the flashcards helps me out a lot!

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    Really the rank wasnt hard to learn but the general orders took about a week. While having nothing to do at work I took my flash cards I made up and in a little notepad I had I took a whole sheet of paper *front and back* and wrote that general order over and over and over. Once I got them I'd just repeat them from time to time out loud as if I was repeating them for a DI.

    "Sir! General Order 1 is to take charge of this post and all government property in view, sir!" and so on.......it worked for me.

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    I noticed that after I posted this but if you type Marine Corps up in the top left search box there is a ton of other quizes that can really help...

    this link is more accurate and has E-1 and Private- http://quizlet.com/1865865/united-st...e-flash-cards/

    this is the link to all the other Marine Corps things the website has:

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    Dont worry EGA843 If you dont know your knowledge yet they will punch it though your face.

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