I found that the BEST person to be close to in the field was our Corpsman "Doc Eagely". Beside's his B-1 Medical unit he was a Machingunners Best friend because he would carry an extra 400 rounds for you and even break you by humping the Gun as long as you give him equal Trigger time, But check his ammo before he opens fire, he was bored so clipped all of the tracers together creating a solid "RED" line back to your position, "COOL" he would say as you moved to a secondary position. Everybody in the dark could see you moving because the barrel was bright red. After a week in the jungle "Doc" would break out the "torpedo Juice" with his little bottles of 151 Rum, Gin, Vodka, Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey.... Yes Sir, I knew who to share a houch with. Our Corpsman wore Marine Corps Dress Greens with Navy emblems, but as far as every man in our Company was concerned He was a Marine, and he loved the devotion of "His Marines".