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    Noticed the MEPS info isn't new. Also noticed the threads were merged! Thanks Sgt. Leprechaun.
    My recruiter is finding out on Monday what day I am headed back up this coming week.
    Does anybody know why I would have to talk to the Doc about a wrong date on my tickets?

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    Going up to the hotel tomorrow night and MEPS the following day. I found out I had messed up a date on the paperwork while talking to the doctor, that's why he has to change it and I have to physically be there.

    The waiver's already at District. My recruiter says with luck after the change I should(knock on wood) get approved and DEP in on Wed. while at MEPS.

    I'll let you Marines know what happens! Wish me luck!

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    WAIVER APPROVED. I swore into the delayed entry program today!

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    And I've changed your title! Congrats!

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