I was with Hmla369 in oki oct 83 when i pushed a leave for home ,as i sat in yhe terminal at kadena i saw som big brss headin for a 141 i asked a zoomy wherr they were headed he said barbados and said id better hurry since everyone was in flight suites he thought was whith them in barbados i got a ride to the guam on a 46 so im looking for the crew chief i hope he remembers me i was stuck on board till beruit and i kept a low profile since i was on leave,and my time was running out i flew to the beruit airport on the mail run and was wounded while there i know i woke up in long beach naval hosp but no one can find my med records and nothing is in my military records i think im an embarrasment so i was swept under the carpet Help anyone on thT cruise might be a help i helped cut the blades of the blackkawk and spoke to most of the guys in hml 167 .help