fleet life for Armor
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    fleet life for Armor

    I know I've posted before about the Armor but this time is a little different i've finally enlisted (took my parents long enough to sign off) and about last week my recruiter asked me what job i wanted so i said 1812/M1A1 Abrams crewman whether or not i will get this job doesn't bother me so much since the Marine Corps can only guarantee a field which armor only has 2 this and AAV crewman which i'd be fine with. What I'm asking is what fleet life is like for the Armor what do tankers and trackers do with there day basically. Please be specific with your answers i hate it when people say something like get up, pt, work, lunch, work, go home, sleep repeat, and if your lucky you get leave and to go down into SD.

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    thank you, they did give me some names but i wanted to wait till they responded to thank you but so far they haven't responded yet. Either way they were still helpful

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