you guys ever cared romantically for a WM
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    you guys ever cared romantically for a WM

    How'd it work out for you?

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    haha, it didnt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamanognr86 View Post
    haha, it didnt.

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    Being married and faithful, I never paid any attention to them. And we were also totally segregated back then.

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    In my 4 years I knew they were around somewhere.

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    I did indeed at Base Motors. We did well together, except for the fact that I was boozing and drugging wayyyyy to much for her. I still email her from time to time, as we're looking up old buddies back from the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamielang1951 View Post
    Being married and faithful, I never paid any attention to them. And we were also totally segregated back then.
    Amen, brother!

    And before marriage, I worked on a daily basis with women in the Marines. I felt it best to keep it professional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    I never saw a WM except at PI
    No ****....
    I only recall, very vaguely, seeing a WM from a distance at Moffett Field at some time during my last 1.5 years in.

    Until that moment I thought WM's were a myth.

    Carry on....

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    In my time in the Corps, I never even saw one.

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    I worked with them at Base Motors/Pendleton, circa '78. Our Co. Gunny was a WM...Their barracks was next store. Busy place..

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    I have never, ever, ever seen a Marine relationship work out well. Ever.

    I'm in the Wing; there are WMs everywhere. My own MOS doesn't have many, but Avi, AO, and the mechs have plenty. Admin is where most of them are.

    Take a woman and put her in a place where the guy to girl ratio is something like 15:1. In that sort of environment, she can be as much of a b*tch as she wants and it doesn't matter, because there will ALWAYS be someone who's slobbering over her.

    Combine that with hilarious psych issues, (WMs seem to have a LOT more mental problems than civvie girls) and you have a recipe for disaster.

    One of my buddies was seeing a WM back in the schoolhouse in P'cola. He went up to Alabama on a 96 to see her folks. On the ride there, she told him that she was pregnant. He took it like a mature adult and said, "Okay, well, we'll figure it out. Whatever you want to do, I'll be there."

    Later, she told him that she wasn't pregnant, and that she was "just testing him."

    He said, "Oooookay, I'm outta here" and walked out.

    She then told Daddy that he raped her and got her pregnant. He gathered a posse up and started chasing him through suburban Alabama. My buddy managed to evade Uncle Cletus & Friends and spent the next six hours hiding in an abandoned laundromat before his friend could pick him up.

    He ended up getting back to Pensacola at around 7 in the morning and passed out in his bunk. He then woke up four hours later with the SDO grabbing him and trying to take him to the mental hospital. Turns out the girl called the barracks and told the duty that he was a suicide risk.

    For the next six months after that, he had to deal with boots trying to fight him because every few weeks she'd find some clueless idiot from the last MCT platoon to get to Pensacola and tell him that my buddy raped her.

    Yeeeaaaaah... don't date WMs.

    Edit: If she's worth actually having a relationship with, she's already in one. And usually, she isn't married to a Marine.

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    In 1965, at MCRD San Diego, there was a WM, that was so hot. She had been with the Hell's Angels and had got in a lot of trouble for tearing up a town in Northern California, and had a choice of the Marines or prison. She was a fox, but everyone was a little afraid of her. never knew what she could really do, or where her friends were. And she played her role perfectly.


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    I had the hots for a really cute WM at Pendleton about 1976. Then I found out she was in a DADT kind of way and she had nothing to do romantically with Marines off-duty, male or female. Oh well. I knew a few other lez WMs. They were pretty homely, but fun to play cards and drink beer with.

    A Marine I went to a school with was married to probably the most beautiful WM I ever saw. She was literally recruiting poster good looking and WAS on recruiting posters in the early 70s. Nice girl too, very down to earth.

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    No contact conus
    In country I was issued a truck driver with a semi (motors has their own name for a flatbed Semi---) to get one load to one point.
    That girl could wheel a truck !
    Most impressive was backing that rig down a hill (small mountain)
    I was hanging on with white knuckles !

    Another time I was issued a 5'. 100 lb girl to my Recon team !
    Under my breath What are you doing C.O. ?
    She will get the entire team KIA

    Rest of the story-she was a 4th degree Black Belt

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    I was stationed at NTTC in P'cola, and we married them as fast as they checked in to the place. I got married there to a WM and we lasted about 6 1/2 years. She wasn't especially crazy or anything...we just stopped relating....and I started liking booze and being in bars too much....

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