Ammo Dump Dong Ha Sept 3,1967
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    Ammo Dump Dong Ha Sept 3,1967

    Every year at this time I remember the three days of prue hell we all went through and I keep asking why those of us in the dump did not dye. I also have to think of how many of us are left to remember that day. My prayers will always be for all how severed during that war and that time.

    God Bless All!!

    Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers and Sisters Forever

    " In God We Trust"

    Cpl Harvey B. "Butch" Harrison Jr.
    God, Country, Corps and Family

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    Best fireworks display this old Texas boy ever saw

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    I was on Con Thien when they blew the ammo dump again ,must have been around July 1968. NVA arty fired first rounds at fire direction spotters on Con T then fired on Dong Ha . I was many miles away but could see that ammo dump go off. Quite a blast .

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    Our rear was right next to it. There was absolutely nothing left but ashes when it was all over. Why they stored all that ammo it the same place, stacked together when Dong Ha was getting hit with rockets every day is a classic example of military intelligence?

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    I wonder how meany ammo dumps got blown up during the war.

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    Think Da Nang was hit after Dong Ha and Dong Ha was hit again in 68 or 69. Tony we were told to start getting all of our rolling stock up and running fast, like four days the week before the dump went up as we were going to re-supply all bases quick. Thats why all the ammo was there, we started hualing all the ammo off the boats on the river that morning to the dump been working from sun up until they hit us. It was one big f**ked-up mess that day. Don't know who planed all this just know we paid the price.

    Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers and Sisters Forever

    " In God We Trust"

    Cpl Harvey B. "Butch" Harrison Jr.
    God, Country, Corps and Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggyoung View Post
    I wonder how meany ammo dumps got blown up during the war.

    We had two blow up on Bien Hoa in a nine-month period. One was from Vietnamese Air Force carelessness, the other a sapper attack into the napalm dump. The negligent one really taught me the meaning of "blast overpressure" when it came to explosions.

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    In 1968 when I witnessed the ammo dump at Dong Ha go up there was fuel bladders for choppers that also went up ( a major supply point for area Gio Linh, Army 175 MM arty, Alpha 3, Con Thien ,C2 , Rockpile , and probably even Khe San . ) It was NVA arty from across the Ben Hai that did the deed .

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    You could see that dump from miles away. It was like flying a flag that said "drop arty and rockets here" and they did. The whole thing reminds me of the parking the airplanes side by side because they were easier to protect sh*t that they did in WWII. It proves that the military leaders didn't get any smarter, kind of like the trace and the strong point plans that put in in places like con thien, gio lin and ka sahn where we cound sit in holes and get pounded day after day insterad of going out and kicking the NVA's azz like we were doing in 66 and early 67.

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    I was there that day, stationed with 9th Marine Regiment. That was absolutely the largest I had seen.

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    Yeah, saw two ammo dumps go up between 68 and 70.

    Was in Dong Ha when that one went. We were there for 3 days on the way from Da Nang to Quang Tri when I first got in country. We didn't get hit every day. We got hit with rockets and recoiless rifle 3 times a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spent a lot of time in the trenches. Spent my 21st BDay in those trenches with a bottle of Jim Beam my mother had sent me.

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    I was a ammotech storing ammo the morning of sept.3rd. It was myself a truck driver and forklift operator.
    I made it to the seebee compound and shared abunker with a seebee.
    I don't remember much after that. I also have a block to remember the names of the Marines I served with in the ammodump.
    Would like any info from other ammotechs, like how did you get out.
    The Lord was with us all.

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    Was stationed at gio Linh in 67 and watched the fireworks from there.

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    was there went it went up, was with 11th engrs. one Hell of a explosion! Some of the Marines from 3rd shore party came to our co and was supplied with clothing etc because theirs was burned off! I remember a couple of Marines whose dog tags had melted around their necks, very bad **** to say the least!!!!

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    Harvey Harrison, did you know PFC Mickey Wilson. He was in Motor-T with 3/3 and on that day, 9/3/67, drove in with his truck and rescued a lot of guys trapped in bunkers while the ammo dump was going up.

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