Looking for stories about ssgt Al Dwyer - Vietnam
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    Looking for stories about ssgt Al Dwyer - Vietnam

    My name is Kenneth Dwyer and I am SSgt Alfred T Dwyer’s son. In my family, my father's death was extremely traumatic with my mother not willing to talk about the subject to this day. I am almost 50 years old and it is just now that I am asking questions about a man I never knew. I am looking for anyone that personally knew my father. The reason I am asking is that he died when I was 6 years old and I have no memories of him. If you knew him or know anyone that did, I would love to hear stories you may have about him. For example, was he a good or bad man?
    About my dad: On January 30, 1968, Comm Company's radio shack on Hill 200 was destroyed when sappers from the 406th NVA Sapper Battalion got through the wire and overran Hill 200. Four Marines were killed in the attack. Three of them were from Radio Platoon, Communications Company, and one was from the Air Wing. My dad was SSgt Alfred T. Dwyer, El Paso, TX (Comm Co, HQ Bn, 1st MarDiv, 3rd MAF)
    Ken Dwyer

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    What other Marine Corps websites have you posted this on?
    Have you tried TWS?


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    actually, this is the first. Any help with other sites would be a big help.


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    What do you mean "TWS"?

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    Hi Kenneth. I served with your Father in Vietnam. I left there in October of 1967, so I was not there when Hill 200 was over-run. I was only a Cpl there so I wasn't in a position to be chummy with your Dad, but I will tell you that he was a nice guy and was well thought of in our platoon. He was easy-going and always seemed in a good mood. I was really sorry to hear of his loss. I found out back maybe twenty years ago while researching the virtual Wall. I don't know why I never ran across this site before, but I was searching the web tonight for info on how your Dad was killed and here it was. Again my condolences and hope you can rest easy that your Dad was liked and respected.

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    Welcome aboard Alan.

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    You know it's a Petty that we can't place another web site that mite help someone find out information Like this Alan wants.. I hope you change your minds admin. cause other web sites let you carry Leatherneck.com on there sites..
    I can name four that don't care but here they act like it's porn and it's not..
    Hey Alan you want other site P.M. Me and I let you know where you can go to... also..

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    What the hell are you talking about Marine 1955...???

    really dont
    make any sense.

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    Try to put Together we Served dot com in and see if you can or I'm betting you can't or Yellow Foot Prints dot com you can't that one either.. Other site allow to put other web sites in without getting *************** .com on there sites try and see if you can do it if you can I'll apologize to you if not, you apologize to me...

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    Based on your bitterness, I'm not going to get into an open debate, you have an issue take it to PM or better yet send a message to the owners of the site.

    Nuff said on this matter Marine1955.

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    I think he's saying that the site won't allow him to post a link to another site...I have never tried so I'm not sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Lashway View Post
    I think he's saying that the site won't allow him to post a link to another site...I have never tried so I'm not sure
    That's exactly what I'm talking about.. I'm not bitter at the hole site just that you can't really help someone find out information if you can't add a link to another site.. I hope you understand what I trying to say know...

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    You mean adding this?

    It did block it.

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    Thank for proving my point TolVman..

    Thank you

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