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    If you want to be an officer or get info about being an officer, you need to find an Officer Selection Officer. Recruiters will try to talk you into going enlisted. They tell you things like officers only do desk work, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blutic View Post
    If you want to be an officer or get info about being an officer, you need to find an Officer Selection Officer. Recruiters will try to talk you into going enlisted. They tell you things like officers only do desk work, etc.
    Hah, right. Sorry, bad terminology on my part. I plan on going to both an Officer Selection Officer and a Recruiter and keeping an open unbiased mind when talking to both.

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    Hey Skipper, thanks for posting this information. My son has begun the application process for OCS having just graduated. I'll be sure that he hooks himself into this website and follows along with the great intel Marines like yourself post here. Good luck to you Sir,Semper Fi.

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    The best advice I can give him - be able to MAX the pft. Being a fast runner was probably the most important thing in OCS.

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    I have a question and I didn't feel like starting a new thread. I want to apply for MECEP. I looked at all the qualifications and I have them all but I am not sure who I would talk to in my unit to put in my application package and answer all of my questions. No one in my shop knew anything about it. Can anyone help me out?

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    Yeah, what do you need to know? Your S-1 should be able to help you put your package together. When you looked at the qualifications, did you look at both the MARADMIN and the MCO? I have seen lots of confusion when Marines look at one and not the other.

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    Thanks, I've read them both. I have a few questions like, what determines what job you get? If you got accepted and finished school could you become a military lawyer later on in your career? When would you start school after you get accepted?

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    OCC-R or Enlisted Reserves

    Looking for direction; I am PS AD & former Guard. I have read and heard that it is very, very difficult to get back into the Reserves as PS. I have talked to two PSRs and they were both indifferent to say the least. Per the OSO I am still under the max constructive age for OCS. Would I even be considered by the board for OCS or should I just concentrate on the Enlisted Reserves? Thanks!

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    CBRN5711 - You'll figure out your job just like any other officer, at TBS. That will be based off of class standing and the 3 tier system that they use. In the MECEP program you cannot become a lawyer because you are only allowed to get a 4 year degree; however, if you get a JD on your own time, there might be a way to do it, I just dont know how. The order specifies that you can only persue a 4 year degree.

    As for when you would start school, the acceptance MARADMIN comes out sometime in the fall or winter if I remember correctly. You then will have until around April to send a letter to HQMC saying what school you were "unconditionally accepted" to go to. After that sometime in the spring/early summer you'll get orders sent to you ordering you to report to that school before the following fall sememster, or if you didnt get it waived, MECEP prep at Quantico, VA for most of that summer before school starts.

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    Hello Marines,

    I am applying for an NROTC -Marine Option scholarship and I have a few questions.

    Is there a way to get an aviation contract through NROTC? I have read through this thread and it seems NROTC is the only commissioning program that you have to select aviation out of TBS. And a former Marine Officer told me aviation and infantry out of TBS are the hardest to get.

    Because of this, I want to do PLC and NROTC. I realize with the scholarship I have to attend summer cruises so my thoughts are to do NROTC without a scholarship to prepare myself for PLC, do PLC 1st summer, NROTC sophmore year then PLC again the 2nd summer. Can I then do the Bulldog OCS course the following NROTC 3rd summer and still keep my aviation contract?

    Keep in mind I am not the 'I just want to fly type'. If I was I would just join the Chair Force. I want to support the Marines on the ground and serve as a FAC as a b billet later.

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    I cant seem to edit my post but I found this:

    One out of 152 Marines got 7599-Naval Aviator.

    Very, very competitive out of TBS..

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    Lawyers and pilots always have guaranteed contracts. You don't have to worry about getting a flight contract at TBS.

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    Hey I was hoping to become a Pilot as well right now I have already enlisted and am going to bootcamp in about 2 weeks and I wanna get my degree while I'm enlisted and so far I know you have to have a 4yr degree does it matter if its online or does it have to be campus? and is there some sort of program to help me while I'm enlisted

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    That's good to go. While in Okinawa I was a SWET instructor. (Shallow Water Egress Training) It's the kiddie pool version of the helo dunker. I basicly taught Marines how to use the HABS bottle. It was a great job.

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    Lt. Fairman and everyone else that's contributed to this topic so far, thank you very much! I've always wanted to join the Marines but felt the need to get a college degree. All the info you've provided has helped me decide exactly what I'm going to do.

    I have 2 years left to go in undergrad and then I will be applying for law school. I'm hoping to get started on the PLC as soon as possible and then get commissioned as soon as I'm done with law school. I've contacted my local OSO and am waiting for her response. Again, thank you for all the information sir(s). I will be returning to this forum frequently to stay up to date and gain any new insights that you might provide.

    - Stephanie

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