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    award question

    I am in the IRR and I am being recalled to active duty for 1 year. I had 2 questions.

    1 is although it is not for a combat deployment it is for Operation support with Wounded Warrior BN @ Camp Lejeune. Being pulled from the IRR onto active orders would one rate the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Mobilization device?

    2nd. I am reading the requirements for the Reserve Good cookie. It says RECALL to active duty time does NOT count towards it.... does it count towards the ACTIVE DUTY Good Conduct? Because I was 4 months shy of my good conduct (having been NJP'd) when I EAS'd.... so would this time credit for that ?

    Please I googled the awards manual and am not clear on it. So dont give me a let me google that for you link.

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    1: Yes, it should.

    2: And yes, I BELIEVE it should.

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    First, are you volunteering for this billet? It sounds like you are accepting a 1 year IA (individual augment), not being recalled.

    From what I read (MARADMIN 236/04), you will not rate the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. This award is for members who serve 10 years in the SMCR or mobilize/volunteer to deploy to/in support of combat operations. For our generation, that would have been OEF or OIF.

    In regards to the good conduct, it will depend what component you are brought back to. Ask, or check your MOL once you are back. If you are on active, them you will gain time towards the good conduct. You will not be SMCR, nor stay in IRR status, so I assume active component.

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    Perhaps I wasn't as clear as I should have been LOL. Probably not.

    The Reserve medal w/hourglass depends on the command; I've seen them awarded to Reservists/Guardsman who never left the states, but the duty was considered 'in support of' wartime operations. Which is pretty much...anything. Guess it's going to depend on the command and what they consider 'support', as well as 'wartime operations'. One would sort of think WWB is supporting that...but you just never know.

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    MOL has me on active duty but they zeroed out my Good Conduct! I will talk to IPAC about that tomorrow.

    I read the AF reserve ribbon... My orders are mobilization under Title 10 which apparently DOES rate that ribbon I was told by my S-1 chief

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    So did you get recalled or did you volunteer for one year IA billet? I ask this only because I know the WWR is recruiting hard for personnel. They came to the SNCOA while I was at the Career Course to try and get volunteers.

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    I volunteered for it its an IMA billet... ADOS orders.... orders state "Period of Active duty is pursuant to U.S. Code Title 10 Section 12301"

    Armed Forces Reserve Medal

    Executive Order 13013 authorizes the M Device for the AFRM for participation in designated contingency operations. Members must have been mobilized as a unit or individual and performed active duty on or after 01 August 1990 as follows:
    (a) The member was called to active service under Sections 12301(A), 12302, 12304, 12406 of Title 10 U.S.C. (formerly Sections 672(A), 673, 673(B), 3500, and 8500) or Chapter 15 of Title 10 U.S.C.

    The ribbon is authorized upon receipt of the M Device despite having served less than ten years.

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    So now just curious about the good conduct medal.... anyone able to help me there?

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    I got out after four, stayed in the SMCR, and just went back on active duty. The whole time I was in the Reserves, MOL kept my Good Conduct Medal date only BIR. As a reservist you may elect to put time towards your Good Conduct Medal, in lieu of the USMC SMCR Medal, while on active status. You were right in getting with IPAC. They will square it away. Glad to hear you rate it though.

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    Basically I had a 5 yr Active contract... Got NJP'd at 2 yrs and 4 months.... So I reset

    Completed 2 yrs and 8 mos with no problem.... then get Activated... so I believe after 4 months I should rate it.

    At least that is how I am reading it in Item 2 of the Eligibility requirements here

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