Hurricane Irene
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Thread: Hurricane Irene

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    Hurricane Irene

    Anybody know if Parris Island is in its possible path?

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    Heard from some contract 0321 here at san onfre that they are being evacuated. Where to? No idea.

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    Interesting. Better safe than sorry I guess.

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    That is wrong. Don't pass rumor as fact please, family members worry enough without hearing a bunch of rumors that may or may not be true.

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    A simple web search brings up an information site with toll free phone number.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    If memory serves me correctly PI is evacuated if the govenor of SC declares a mandatory evacuation of coastal communities.The last I remember and could be wrong was in 1999 when Hurricane Floyd was bearing down on the East coast.

    If an evacuation is called for Beaufort County.Where Parris Island is located.

    The recruits will be taken inland to Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, GA. ......and training and games will continue as much as possible for the few days until the roads are open or the all clear is given.

    But like said above the only ones that know is the # on that website.

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    I have been watching it closely (my son is there)...looks like its gonna make landfall well north of PI according to the latest tracks.

    PI will likely have tropical storm conditions for a while but I wouldn't think that would warrant an evacuation.

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    She's "losing steam" fast...and is well north of PI.

    If Irene keeps weakening at the current pace, I don't think the damage will be that bad up the coast...

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    I was at the Island in 1989 when Hugp hit. They didnt evacuate us, just used us as a huge working party for 2 days after she hit

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    I know this is a late post to this...My son was Parris Island right in the middle of the Crucible when Irene struck, they had to have the EGA ceremony in the All weather facility. He said ht rained really hard, and the wind was wild....but he said it was so awesome, he actually said the Crucible was his favorite part of all of Boot Camp

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    My son said the same thing about the Crucible...and the history of it all was interesting.

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    Ditto on what Ridgerunner and MarineMom said, our's enjoyed the Crucible as well. PI is a lot of swamp/wetland's, it surrounds the road onto the Island. So, if anything hits, there's a huge place for it to go. And you can besure that if something does get too close, they've already got plans in place.

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