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Thread: so confused!!

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    so confused!!

    my husband & i just recently got married (8-7-11) right after he came home from parris island...we have a daughter question is...since he's at MCT at the moment, he assured me that he would get tricare/deers and his BAH set up. he took all the vital paperwork that he needed, but i called tricare today and my daughter & i are not on there. does this also mean he is not going to be receiving a BAH? the reason i ask that is because Emma (our daughter) and I are planning on moving to Pensacola, FL (we already have our apartment ready to go...just waiting for September 16 for our move) and my husband and I discussed we'd move down there (he's going to be doing his MOS there, aviation mechanic) and we were told that he would be able to come home most weekends, hence why we're moving. I've been told 10 million different things now, and I just wanted y'alls opinions :] any help/advice/guidance would be much appreciated!

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    & just so no one gets confused, we're not intending on living on base. we're renting an apartment 20 minutes away from base...but with me going down there with no job, there's no way i'd be able to pay for our apartment all by ourselves.

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    Your husband needs to get you answers from his command
    Give him a clear list of your questions.
    He can start with his first level in chain of command

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    It all takes time, I'm afraid. Likely as not, it won't get done until he gets to his first school after MCT.

    You need to be in DEERS to get tricare etc. Not sure if that is the same system for BAH or not, might be.

    It also could mean he submitted all the stuff but it's taking time to hit the system.

    You need to really ask him what the deal is and go from there.

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    thank you both so much. hopefully i'll be able to talk to him this weekend!

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    one more question about this...can i call his recruiter and ask him how long my husbands MOS school is going to be?? or would he not know

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    Save all medical bills for tricare. You are considered covered the first day of the marriage so they will back pay. Same with BAH, he will get backpay from the day he rates it.

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    And yes you can call. Or enter the MOS number into google, it'll usually bring up the site which will sometimes link to the MOS schools and their length.

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    well, i called today, and they were able to point me in the right direction. i talked to my husband, and apparently they still had him in the system as single, even though he had given all of the proper paperwork. i got power of attorney over him...& both my daughter and i are enrolled in deers, and next step tri-care. now i just need to get my military id card! & our BAH is set up for sure. today was an extremely eventful day of phone calls & faxes, but i'm so happy to know that everything is taken care of :] thanks so much everyone! & now i'm off to goggle his MOS!

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    Great! Glad to hear it!

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