Kicked out of Army ROTC?
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    Question Kicked out of Army ROTC?

    I showed up for my Army ROTC orientation yesterday (taking a semester of college before my ship date) the actual class is called "Military Leadership I" I was informed that they PT every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning which conflicts with my PT at the recruiting station. When I informed the Major he told me to either drop the Marines or drop the class, I was respectfully short with him and went on my way. The description of the class says it is open to anyone without commitment. I personally felt this guy has it in for Marine Corps. And i don't think he has the authority to kick anyone out of the class... He says it would be a waste of time and tax payer money for me to be in the class. I haven't turned my gear in yet cuz I'm really motivated for the class. I plan on talking to the Lt.Col. about me being in the class. What do you guys think?

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    Why are you bothering with only a semester of it if you're not planning on trying to get commissioned? You ARE a waste of time for them, why should they include you in their program if they KNOW that you're shipping off to boot camp in a matter of months anyways?

    If you really want to do both, arrange to just come into your RSS and PT on your own on different days. Which should be fine if you arrange it with your recruiter.

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    I do not want to be commissioned, even if I did Army ROTC wouldn't get me there. I just wanna have some fun and kinda get used to the Army cuz that's a side I have yet to see (I'll be going to Airborne School and working at an Army base) It's not a waste of time, there are like 6 kids in there just for the semester class that have no intention of joining the military at all.

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    You want to get used to the Army way of doing things, yet you're going into the Marines? Doesnt that sound stupid to you? The Marines is not the Army hasn't ever been the Army and at this point will never be the Army.

    If you are in the Marines you will most likely either be on a Naval base or a Marine base but you will still have the Marine CoC whereever you go so why would you be getting used to doing stuff the Army's way? I would side with the Major you signed up for the class if you are supposed to be somewhere then you are supposed to be somewhere those are the terms and conditions of the class you signed up for.

    It also doesnt matter what those other kids are doing in the class they are not of your concern what they do with themselves is of no concern to you. Up until you step foot into the yellow footprints you are the only person you should concern yourself with. Either try to work stuff out with your recruiter or dump the class. Sounds rude to say but thats my .02

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    Sounds to me like you just don't want to give back your uniform. Give it up, it's not THAT cool.

    In all seriousness, if the Major said it, you're not going to change his decision. I understand you feel discriminated against, but coming on here and looking for affirmation of your feelings isn't going to help anything. All you can do is roll with the punches.

    Just eat your wheaties, work out, memorize your stuff, and work towards that EGA.

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