Best Duty Station For a Family
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    Best Duty Station For a Family

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Marines and Family member of a devil,

    I am a Corporal looking at my reenlistment, I am also in the airwing and with my MOS (Maintenance Administration Clerk) I can go to pretty much any base that has an air strip. I have a wife and 2 daughters (1 & 7).

    I was just wondering what bases you all have liked/disliked as far as families go. I am looking at going somewhere besides California, because we have been here for going on 3 years and we would like to see somewhere else.

    I would like to know anyone's opinions as far as the best and or worst duty stations you all have been to regarding life for the families of Marines. On a personal note, I really do not care what kind of working conditions I would have to be in as long as my wife and kids are happy and well taken care of.

    Thank you in advance for anything anyone decides to post here, I really appreciate it.

    Semper Fidelis.

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    Phantom Blooper
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    Never been in the airwing...but if you want closer to your homestate....Cherry Point,NC or New River,NC

    Some may say they suck.....but I lived in NC for 30 years and had no problems raising a family.

    Grass is always greener over a septic tank.

    Good luck!

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    lot depends on what you like to do for fun here is a list of Bases you can look at it and do a search of things to do in the area

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    I heard new river is really really depressing... but everyone takes a place differently... one person may hate it... one person may never leave there without a fight...

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    every base has its ups and downs its all about what you want for your family. want to live in the country? new river or cherry point or really any east coast base is a decent southern area, like cities and diversity miramar or pendleton, want to introduce your kids and family to another culture Iwakuni(not oki. oki is for dirty old men lol). it depends on what you want for your family so asking us isnt that great. I've spent my time in Iwakuni and Pendleton and Miramar. i loved all 3 and my wife like Miramar the most no kids though, but where we lived while i was stationed at Miramar had some great schools if your kids are old enough. Iwakuni in my opinion would be great for my kids(when we have them) because it lets them see other cultures and gives them cool stories for when they are older lol

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    Have you asked your command what is available ?
    My next step would be to make a choice and contact a Marine at that location

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    To me it would be a very small base. It seems the smaller the base the more everybody pulls together better.

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    Realizing that you want out of Ca. I would still recommend Miramar in San Diego. Reason being is you will not find anyplace that can beat San Diego's weather. As far as things to do and see, if you want snow and everything that goes with it, its just a short drive to the mountains. If you are into fishing there is plenty of that. The world's best zoo is in San Diego, also wild animal park is in Escondido. Lots of beaches, along with Sea World.

    On the down side, the traffic sucks and rent is high.

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    If you like mountains, I wonder if Bridgeport has an airfield that needs an aviation admin body?

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    Thank you all for the feedback. I guess I should see what is available for me and then discuss it with my wife more in depth, Iwakuni if available sounds great. I have had multiple suggestions from my peers but they are all from California (and the west coast) so of course they want to be out here.

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