Iwo Jima Marine Poem
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    Iwo Jima Marine Poem

    My great grandfather was a Marine in World War 2 who fought in Iwo Jima, unfortunately he is no longer with us, but I felt inspired by him, and I wrote a poem. Hope you like it!

    Once a Marine, always a Marine
    by Ciara Wood

    You got up and left home at the age of eighteen,
    to earn your title of U.S. Marine.
    Never questioning the things you would see,
    you wanted your family, your friends, and country to be free.

    You fought so hard, and you fought so well,
    in the place that you knew as a living Hell.
    You so proudly told your stories,
    about all the valor and the glory.

    The sparkle in your eye told it all,
    as you told your stories you stood so tall.
    You heard the calling and answered the call,
    never knowing that you would watch your own brothers fall.

    I watched as the tears quickly filled your eyes,
    when you talked about running up that mountian to see that American flag rise.
    There was nothing you loved more than watching an American flag fly,
    you even had one flown the day that you died.

    They laid your medals upon your chest,
    as they laid you down for your final rest.
    The shots were fired unto the sky,
    as the American flag flew so high.

    When you get to the gate, tell St. Peter to let you in,
    Because you already went through hell, don't make you go again.
    So when you look too Heaven, don't be surpised by what you see,
    because the gates are guarded by none other than United States Marines.

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    I think your Grandfather would be proud of you, good luck in your future.

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    WOW, That was excellent. Thank you for that poem, my Grandfather fought during WW I and Korea as a Marine. So respect to your great grandfather for his service and sacrifice. And as I read it, it sounds like you are considering service in the military if not our "Corps". In any event , good luck in your future.

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