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    MEPS Consultation

    My son recently just graduated from high school and has been trying to enlist in the Marine Corps since November. Due to a broken elbow with nerve damage that had to be surgically repaired in 2002, he requires a waiver. I had my son seen by a civilian Orthopedic surgeon so he could have the report when he had his physical at MEPS. The physical was completed in the middle of June and today he went back to MEPS for a consultation/exam with the civilian doctor they sent him to. After the consult, he returned to MEPS and the doctor there told him "You'll probably get the waiver". While I was quite excited to hear this, I was shocked that the doctor at MEPS would actually say this.

    I am not going to ask "How long will it take until he hears something from BUMED" nor am I going to ask "What are his chances of getting the waiver". Instead, I just wanted to thank everyone, Marines, poolies & wannabees and Marine Parents for providing me with valuable knowledge that I have enjoyed sharing with my son while he goes through this process.

    I sincerely hope my next post will be to announce his ship date, but if not, I will announce his plan B just as proudly.

    Potential Poolie Mom
    former RM3 USN

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    Good Luck to your son. I required a BUMED waiver as well however, I had to overcome the fact that the doctor recommended I not get the waiver. I did get my waiver but it took my about 8 months to finally get it and swear in.

    Tell your son to keep his head up and keep pushing and dont quit!!!

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    Congratulations on your new ship date! We are still waiting to hear about my son's waiver but your story gives me hope and I just wanted to wish you well.
    Take care and I look forward to seeing your next post as a WM!

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