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Thread: Combat Support?

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    Combat Support?

    Hello, I got a question about what Combat Support means exactly. My recruiter just contacted me and said that my job field is Combat Support. He says it's Tanks and other Armored Vehicals which is what i want. I was just wondering what type of jobs are in this field and if what he says is true. I've done some of my own research but havent found any useful information. Any help or info is greatly appriciated!

    -Kyle E. Severt

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    When I enlisted combat support was either tanks, arty, or tracks. I think LAAD Gunner was also a small possibilty. Everyone seemed to want tanks, but most guys ended up as arty. Tanks and tracks are cool, but artillery isn't a bad deal either. Keep an open mind and everything will be all good.

    My information is from 05, so its a bit dated. Hopefully somone else can give you some more current info.

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    Alright sounds good, i'd be happy with any of those. Thanks for your help!

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