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    Marines on youtube

    What do you Marines think about other Marines answering questions about bootcamp, the fleet and so on, on Youtube. Is it wrong that Marines are answering questions on youtube? or is it ok as long as they dont say anything negative about the Marine Corps?

    Thank you for your time in advance,
    Cpl Martinez E.

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    I would be hard to keep some Marines from going to the negative side of things when you give them the room to do so. As for doing it at all, I would say it is up to the Marine who wants to.

    Often Tested, Always Faithful, Brothers and Sisters Forever

    " In God We Trust"

    Cpl Harvey B. "Butch" Harrison Jr.
    God, Country, Corps and Family

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    As someone that as 8 video's on youtube and all Marine Corps related
    except one which would be for all military services. On all my video's
    I do not give advice on the Marine Corps, but try to put the Corps in
    the best light I can.
    This question kind of goes to the post from yesterday about giving
    advice if you been out a long time. Remember the video's on youtube
    that give advice may or may not be a Marine, he or she maybe
    a poser, you just don't know.

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    Speaking about experiences, and living them, never quite match up. Regardless of what people are told beforehand, they still have to perfrom proficiently throughout their experiences as bootcamp, or whatever school/s they go to. Also, everyone's expereiences are a little different, depending their instructors, DIs, fellow recruits or students, etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinez88 View Post
    or is it ok as long as they dont say anything negative about the Marine Corps?.
    This is the nature of the internet beast.
    There will always be dipsh!ts that will rant on the negatives for their own personal reasons or just to troll for the responses.
    As mentioned....the 'posers' will be chiming in also.
    It' up to the readers to "believe half of what they see and none of what they hear" and discern they're own truths in reading.

    Me...I don't belong to any of the internet social sites and keep my personal life private....except for the waste of bandwidth I post here.

    Carry on......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    And you don't have to go to You Tube----LN has more than its fair share of them
    No sh! speak truth young man.

    Carry on....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    Yes, Wayne, it's true....LN has its share. Hard to believe, ain't it? LOL
    I's like is a magnet for their worthless contributions.
    I hope Youtube is sending them here to p!ss us off.
    Oh well, I'll bury my angst for it all with baby back ribs, ceaser salad and a Heineken or two....have to have some carbs with 'em.

    Carry on....

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    Well gentleman the reason why i asked is because i have a youtube channel where i answer questions that pooles may have... I dont say anything about the Marine Corps i am simply just honest with the questions they may have. I dont try to sugar coat the answers either. I also made a video about how "Mess Night" started. I know your opinion matters so thats why i asked.
    Thats the link to my youtube channel, and i hope you guys can give me some feedback ok what you think. Thank you for time once again.

    Also i have been in for 3 years and 4 months so i have some time in our beloved Corps both in the Airwing and on the groundside.

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