A few training pics
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    A few training pics

    Son is home for 10 days leave. Brought some pics of his MARSOC training. He absolutley loved this stuff! I can see why!

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    If any of these in any way violate any OPSEC please delete them. I didn't think any of them did, but don't want to jeopardize anything.

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    awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

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    very cool!

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    Awsome action shots! Maybe good for USMC recruit pamphlets!

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    If they did violate OPSEC, they would not have been allowed to be taken at the time; SPIE rigging is not exclusive to MARSOC.

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    Great pics!

    I keep trying to imagine the boy that left me 4 weeks ago at the airport doing things like this and it just doesn't fit together in my mind! I think it will when I see the transformation in him at graduation, but right now putting him together with the men in these pictures seems like trying to put a baby in a mans boots. I wanted to tell his recruiter 'Wait, he's not ready!" but I know that's what Boot Camp is for. To complete the transformation and make him ready.

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    Woah!!! Those were fantastic shots. I can't even fathom dangling up in the air under any circumstances. The training is so impressive!

    The very best to your Marine and to you, Jdubbya.

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    I don't know if anyone has said this before but too all you new Marines of Today; thank you.

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    great pics wish i was there.helo training is so COOL best ride in the park.

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