What Exactly goes on at MEPS the day you ship?
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    What Exactly goes on at MEPS the day you ship?

    I guess this is a question for the newer Marines, but I was wondering what exactly you do at MEPS the day you ship. I heard it was less things you have to do than your DEP date so I was wondering what they don't make you do, whats new, etc. Appreciate it.

    Couldn't find and answer on the internet.

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    Basically a quick final physical, signing of paperwork, you'll probably do pullups and crunches, final swear in, then goodbye.

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    You wake up early as F go to MEPS final physical very last bit of paperwork swear in and wait for a bus all day to take you to the airport. you get a brief about now being under the UCMJ and then deuces have fun playing in the sand/swamps. Nothing exciting

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    You fvck any one or more of the many soon to be navy/air force/army chicks at the hotel. (not many female Marine poolees down for this at the hotel, apparently Marine boot stresses out people more than other basic training evolutions haha)

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