Few Questions Regarding Marine Corp Programs
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    Question Few Questions Regarding Marine Corp Programs

    First I would like to start off by saying that I will be going down to MEPS on July 11, 2011 and swear in. I am currently still in high school and I am joining the Marine Corps on an open contract right now, although I already have some jobs in mind. Besides that, I had just a few questions, I ask my recruiter but I keep getting different answers from everyone.

    I am currently involved with the MCJROTC unit at my school, I am a Cadet Second Lieutenant and I current withhold the public affairs for my unit. Although I know I cannot take my rank (obviously) into the Marine Corp I have medial in which have been awarded to me by various sponsors. So my question is, if I present the documents for these medial could I get the real Marine Corp equivalent?

    My next question is regarding the Marine Corp Silent Drill Platoon. I am in the process of learning drill right now, and I would like to hopefully join the Silent Drill Platoon. I was wondering, after I get done with boot camp how would I go about joining the Silent Drill Platoon?

    I would appreciate; comments, questions, and answers. Thanks.

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    First off...it's Marine Corps...get it right...every time.

    Negative on the medals. There is no "trade in program" for civilian awards. Nothing is given; you have to earn everything.

    You have to be a grunt (infantry MOS) to be in the Silent Drill Platoon as well as a certain height. There is a screening team at infantry school that selects who will try out. Do a GOOGLE search for detailed info.

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    And IF you manage to get selected for the SDP, you'll learn an entirely different style of drill from that of boot camp. It may appear similar to the untrained eye, but it isn't.

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    Those ribbons and a buck will get you a cup of coffee...LOL.

    As stated, they don't transfer. To ANY branch. ROTC is ROTC.

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    No you can't take those medals with you. There is not equivalent. If I were you I would get a display case or something to put them in. That's the only place now they will be permitted to be since you can't wear them on your USMC uniform when you earn the title.

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