Active duty VS Reserves
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    Active duty VS Reserves

    I have googled around a bit, but I am not quite sure of the difference between active duty and The Reserves. I hear you can pick a specific MOS if you are in The Reserves, but how does that get transferred to getting deployed? Thanks Marines in advance

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    Active duty- You put on the cammies/ uniform everyday
    Reserves- You go to "drill" one weekend out of the month and 2 weeks a summer
    You will make more money and better benefits going active duty, but to a certain extent more is expeted of you.
    Active- You can only choose an MOS field and not a specific job
    Reserve- You can choose your specific MOS but itll have to go with your reserve unit. Example cant be a grunt in a reserve wing squadron.
    If you have anymore specific question go ahead and ask. we are here to help

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    Ok that clears things up quite a bit, thanks Tookie.

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