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    Uniform Regs

    is it authorized to not wear a skivvy shirt under your blouse ?

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    I don't know the exact order for it, but I'm told it's meant for inclement weather (i.e extremely hot weather), like in Afghanistan during the summer. People do it here on base in garrison and some get away with it and Ive heard others get blasted by SNCO's.

    My personal opinion: I think it makes you look retarded without the shirt on and just a blouse.

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    I've been told that you can get away with not wearing one, but seriously, imagine the rug burn that's 110% sure to come from that blouse. haha

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    Dizark: If you meet a LCpl Lopez (female, violent, will take hostages, does taxes) tell her I want ice cream cake. haha

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    It's one of those things that you can do, but it's kinda retarded. Not many people know about that rule. One that many higher ups don't know about. I myself do that on extremely hot weather, and some people do chew my ass for it. Of course, being the Lance that Im, I tend to fight it, and win, every time. And this is in K-Bay, a place were a higher up can pop out of nowhere.

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    I don't work with females nor do I look for them here on base, except when at IPAC or something.

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    My question is, why do you CARE? Worry about getting through Recruit training then this stuff.


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