want to be a corpsmen HELP
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    want to be a corpsmen HELP

    what training will I go through? Could I get into Marine Recon as a corpsmen? how tough is it? Where can I get info


    Thanks to all that reply

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    First you have to get into the Navy and qualify as a corpsman with ASVAB results. Then you will attend HM School in Great Lakes, IL. Then you will ned to attend Field Medical Service School in Camp Lejeune. Most guys will do at least 1 tour in a facility hospital, clinic etc. You can request to be assigned to a Marine Unit through your detailer. You will need to be in top Shape to be attached to Recon. I spent my Recon time with 1st Force during Desert Storm but spent a lot of time with Grunt Units plying my trade before getting that assignment. You will find that if you are a top notch DOC you will be well taken care of by your Marines

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    Look: Follow your dream. It's not an easy one and to be the BEST corpsman the Navy has, go with the Marines. Every day will be an adventure. My husband was a "doc" with the Recon Marines and when he got through with that tour, he never wanted to be "just" a Navy corpsman again. (He should have joined the Marine Corps to start with.) See if you have to stuff to hump with them, but here's a warning - it takes a lot of man to do it.

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    Seamond nice post. Yea Humping is not fun would have rathered had a root canal without anesthesia then do a 25 miles force march. Blisters, pulled muscles, ache's and pain's, Dehydration and hel that is on the driver of the safety vehicle imagine what the Grunts went through

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