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    I leave a week later on the 14th [/quote]

    Thats awesome I'll be seeing you on the island as well. Best of luck to you and I'll be seeing you out there

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    I just got called again by my recruiter and things apartently may be changing and I may not get to ship. It really sucks because I am SOOO ready to go, I'll find out Saturday if I get to ship or not!!!

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    Damn, well I hope you get to! Things always seem to be a little wacky when it comes to shipping out early and snagging a primary spot. Best of luck though and let me know when you find out!

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    I'm SOOO freaking confused right now! I just got called AGAIN and my recruiter says I'm leaving on the 7th regardless. But I am prepared for it to change again!

    Good Luck to all of you that are leaving soon and Whos ready for November to freaking be here!!! I AM!!!

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    Thats great! Good S#@% then! I'm ready for it... only a few more weeks. Not looking forward to the long flight though haha

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    Yea I am leaving vacation in Ohio early so that I can be back to Jacksonville, Fl for my 30 day pre-ship and then I'm gna see family for a little while. But I also have to cut weight to I have like 7lbs to be were my recruiter wants me.

    Lucky for me I have a bus ride. LOL. Good Luck with your flight!

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    Yeah Im cuttin a vacation short as well to be back in time. Thanks, youre lucky all youve got is a bus ride! Best of luck losing that weight and at the 30 day preship! Let me know how it goes. I'll see you on the 7th in recieving!


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    Hi Future Female Marines!
    I just recently found this website and wish i would have found it sooner!
    Anyway my ship date is
    Last IST:
    FAH-52 seconds
    Situps- 150 (personal best)
    Run time 10:31 (yay again!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paula0214 View Post
    Hi Future Female Marines!
    I just recently found this website and wish i would have found it sooner!
    Anyway my ship date is
    Last IST:
    FAH-52 seconds
    Situps- 150 (personal best)
    Run time 10:31 (yay again!)
    Oh yeah, another Nov.7 shipper I met 3 female shippers today at my pre-ship and then you and Livingston are also Nov.7 shippers look like were all gonna have some fun together. 16 Day!!!

    Today's IST-
    Situps- 87
    Run time- 12:31

    The cold weather is going to DESTROY me!!!

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    14 days Ladies! Hope everyone is doing well, and ready for the suck to begin. See ya'll on the island!

    Last IST

    FAH: 76
    SitUps: 113
    Run: 10:42

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    I ship out with you!

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    Looks like we've got quite the bunch shipping the same date! Good Stuff ladies... feel free to add me on FB to keep in contact... Mel Livingston See ya'll in 10 days! Best of luck on your validations!

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    For those of you going to boot camp in a few days.....the best of luck to all of you!
    Pay attention to your Drill Instructors, and no matter how hard things get........stay focused and stay tough, both mentally and physically, and take it one day at a time. Remember, your Drill Instructors were once recruits just like you're going to be. They'll break you down and build you back up....the Marine Corps way!
    Give a 110% in everything that you do. There's no "I" in team............always help your fellow recruits out!

    The very best to all of you on your journey to becoming United States Marines!

    There's some photos I posted in this thread of the "receiving building" and 4th BN. Check it out if you already haven't........

    Female Marine Advice Needed(ASAP PLEASE)

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    Future Marines, lets keep the 'chatter' to a minimum in this area, if you want to discuss the weather or anything else, please start a new thread, so this area is kept less cluttered and making it easier to search for other "Future" Marines.


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