Fathers day prayer
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    Fathers day prayer

    Happy Fathers Day to all Fathers including our Heavenly Father.

    Father, we Are blessed and thankful for your model of Fatherhood. We see in your word how to be a good Father and how to be a good son. Even though the world has continually assaulted and diminished the role of Fatherhood we simply study your word to learn the role you have taught.

    Leaders, Hunters, adventurers, conquerors, defenders of the right, fighters for freedom. We explore, protect, defend, develop, provide, for our families and become an example of leadership according to your word. Often we fall short. The world scoffs and mocks the Biblical role of Father

    We fight to find meaning to our roll and to be a testimony of your love and grace while training up those who you have placed under our care. We fall short.

    We feel unworthy for this roll but we persist anyway. You give us wisdom, strength and direction when we seek it. Help us to be an example of your Fatherhood to our children. May we continually be conscious of the example we set by our actions. May we be gracious enough to forgive ourselves and glean wisdom from our mistakes. May we move forward, ever forward until the mission we are on is complete.

    Just like soldiers, we continue in the fight until it is won. We never turn back, never give up, always press on to the finish line.

    Only you oh Lord can strengthen us and prepare us to run this race despite the obstacles.

    We submit ourselves this day and every day to strive relentlessly to be the Father you call us to be.

    There is Victory in Jesus name.


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    Phantom Blooper
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    Thank you Captain Kirk for more comforting words.
    A special remembrance to all of us that have already lost our Fathers.
    This day can be difficult.

    Semper Fi, Scott

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03Foxtrot View Post
    Thank you Captain Kirk for more comforting words.
    A special remembrance to all of us that have already lost our Fathers.
    This day can be difficult.

    Semper Fi, Scott
    Amen Scott and thank you Doug!

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    THANK YOU DOUG THAT WAS VERY NICE AS ALWAYS. It's been 14yrs since my dad passed away on Easter Sunday.WHAT really stinks is he died suddenly of a heart attck and my mom and I werent home. He died on the street. But what really hurts is I would always would hug him and tell him I love him but of all days I didnt do it that day and I still hunts me to this day.

    Semper Fi Happy Fathers Day Doug and Godbless you and your family


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    Happy Fathers day to all us Fathers. my Father rest his soul was the strongest hardest working and honest man I ever knew.

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    I Am Sorry It Wasnt Easter Sunday It Was Palm Sunday When He Died

    Semper Fi

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    God Bless and Amen

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    God Bless!!
    Semper Fi

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