Open Contract before I'm allowed to even DEP?
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    Open Contract before I'm allowed to even DEP?

    Ok, I've actually searched for the answer on numerous sites, including this one, and I still can't find an exact answer on the matter. My recruiter told me that I need to sign an Open Contract before I'll even be allowed to enter the DEP and that afterwards I'd go into the office and choose the 3 jobs that I'd like before boot camp.

    The part that scares me is; if I choose to sign as an Open Contract will I not be able to pick my actual MOS before I ship to boot camp?

    Also, he told me that I CAN'T be shipped to boot camp under and Open Contract.. which doesn't sound right as I've already seen some of the Marine's stories on here about ending up in a job they really didn't want because they went open contract.

    Basically what I'm actually asking is this: What contract do I actually have to sign before I DEP? I have done some research and on another website they said it was a "General Enlistment" contract.. not an Open Contract.

    Any answers would be appreciated.

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    I know this is the "Ask a Marine" forums but I do have the answers you may be looking for.

    I signed the intial contract as open, I believe in order to DEP in and have your package submitted to MEPS it will have to be open. Once you process and clear the phsyical and other test you'll be go down t the Marine Corps office liaison *which is a Marine* and you'll do you MOS selection then. Once you do the job selection you go and do fingerprints and some other stuff. Once you're finished with that you sign your new contract with the jobs you've selected then you'll begin the swear in ceremony.

    I signed open contract both times BUT have a ship date in March of 2012 now BUT once jobs open in Oct I will have first pick of all the open reserve slots. My origina contract will be voided and the new contract will be in affect with a new ship date.

    So yes you need to sign open contract first to go to MEPS for the screening process and once everything is done you will be offered jobs based on your scores and such. I hope that helps

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    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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    Pretty much dead on, except for me I picked my job after MEPS at my recruiting station and then signed a Statement of Understanding. The day you do actually ship to boot and you're signing papers in your jacket, you'll see the open contract voided, and your actual contract with MOS field chosen. If not, don't ship until it's fixed.

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    Thanks a lot.

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