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    Going Back In

    EAS was August 25, 2001. Left as a meritorious Sergeant, promoted August 2, 2000. REA-1 reenlistment code, have a bachelor's degree and I'm looking to drop a six-figure job and go back in. I am 33 years old, will turn 34 in September.

    Looking to go EOD 2336, Air Crew 7371/7372, or 0311. Anyone have advice on best way to proceed to keep my rank and get into the fight?

    Semper Fi.

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    Good luck. You may have some difficulty. I went to my recruiter's office today (got out in 2006) and was looking for answers to questions I had. He told me straight up -"The Corps isn't taking any prior service..." He may have been pumping smoke up my ass to get me out of the office, so you may want to go down to the recruiter's office and find out for yourself.

    Good luck, semper fi.

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    Boy, I can't believe how brutal they are to prior service Marines.

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    It seems they want to punish them for not staying in on the first offer of re-enlistment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danno77 View Post
    It seems they want to punish them for not staying in on the first offer of re-enlistment.
    I tried to go back in to the Corps in 2007 if I couldn't get into a good college. Had my package ready to go, went to MEPS, and then the acceptance letters started appearing.

    The Corps is changing right now. From what I understand- it is harder to get promoted, harder to reenlist, they are downsizing/drawing down, pushing alot of 2ndLt/1stLts out. Even trying to enlist is getting harder and more competitive. Long waits for infantry, and I have heard from some officer recruiting stations that they won't even look at someone unless they are getting a 290+ on the PFT.

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    I thought this has been going on for number of years. But if you say it isn't, I take your word for it. I guess some of it depends on MOS needs also.
    I guess when they wrap up the Iraq and Afgan situations they will be down size drastically and force a lot of people out like they did after the first Gulf War.

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    Not to take away from the OP, but the biggest reason the Corps limits prior service re-accessions is because the Corps is a pyramid scheme organization. They expect and rely on a certain percentage to get out after their first enlistment. The Corps keeps a large population of Sgts and below, However, there is a limited number of billets for SNCOs and even less as you go up. Even though they would save money "re-hiring" trained Marines, that's not the numbers they need. Not too mention, due to the economy and job market, retention is up.

    Here is the DL on recruiters saying there's no room. Although it may be that recruiting office may not put a lot of precedence in prior service Marines, there us some truth. As of now almost all of the FTAP boatspaces for FY2011 are filled. This means Marines will need to wait until new come out 1 Oct. Catch is PS FTAP Marines can't submit packages until 1 Jan, due to allowing current AD Marines to have first go. However, you can still start your package. It does take a month or two to complete.

    In regards to further questions, first check out MCO 1130.80A for the meat and potatoes. More than likely you would keep your rank but lose all your TIG. But, the Corps IS still taking Marines back. It is a long process and is physically and mentally demanding on the applicant, the trick is to find a recruiter (most likely the SNCOIC of the RSS) who will help. They are out there though.

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    Thanks SSgtRSD, I thought there was more to it than down sizing, although that may become a factor soon than later.

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    Excellent info SSgtRSD, thanks for the heads up and setting the record straight!

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    It really is a shame to see how recruiters treat us prior service guys though.

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    Prior service is a NIGHTMARE.... The best bet... for anyone reading this that is considering getting out or is still in the IRR is to RE-Enlist in the IRR so if you ever want to take IMA orders, or deploy, or join a reserve unit you can. Just contact MOBCOM and re-enlist in the IRR

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