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    Marine Wives

    Are there any stay at home or work husbands/dads who's wives are joining the Marine Corps? Just curious because I am joining the USMC and my husband is staying at home and taking care of our 4yr old son and prob going back to school.

    Wanted to see if there were any out there like him that he could talk to if he needed or give him some advice about stuff while I'm away.


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    Glad to see your husband is still supporting your decision to join.

    When are you shipping to bootcamp? I was just at Parris Island last week.

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    My ship date is November 28th but I am trying my hardest to get my IST down so I can move my date to sooner. It's very hard though because I want july/august date and I have to wait for someone to drop or change their ship date because july/august is full. =/

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    Good luck getting your ship date moved up and improving on your IST.

    Everyone we talked to at PI said the female DI's are harder on their female recruits than the male DI's on their male recruits and I believe it. My niece and I both agreed the female platoons marched better, drilled better, and sounded off louder than the male platoons we saw (very impressive). The slogan for the female Marines is "the fewer and the prouder" and it appears they strive to live by it.

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    Here is my IST:
    Flex Arm Hang: 47 seconds
    Crunches: 80 / 2mins
    1.5 Mile: 15:34

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    Wow, are there really no Women joining who are married to a man who's NOT in the Military? Interesting....ok

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    i would LOVE to join!!! but now my husband is really in it for the long run. he told me something about the DI's wives though...they have 1 day where the wives come down and get treated like fresh meat. maybe one day i can experience that! but congrats & thank you so much for serving our country!!!!

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    Thanks! and Thank you for being supportive!

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