New Marine with some Q's
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    New Marine with some Q's

    Graduated June, 10th. 2011

    Pvt. Garcia W
    3rd battalion. Kilo Company, plt 3041
    SDI Gysgt Carden
    Drill hat DI Gysgt Justice
    3rd hat Gysgt Jenkins

    Yes, I was part of a full Gunny deck haha. Very eventful.

    Some main questions that have been on my mind are:
    1) I graduated as the "Company High Shooter" with a table 1 score of 242, table 2, 93. Total 335. I was told by my SDI and a lot of other DI's/PMI's/Coaches/etc that some doors with probably open up for me in the near future for sniper/shooting team/etc. Does anyone know how likely those are?

    2) I really want to be a designated marksman as my secondary mos. Does anyone know how to pick that up?

    3) How is Japan as a 1st duty assignment?

    4) How is life like for an Infantryman fresh out of boot/ITB in the fleet? I know about the typical hardships ill face as being infantry, hence why im going into ITB/fleet with zero debt,bills, or a girlfriend. But how will I be treated by other, more experienced, Marines?

    Thanks DD's. Appreciated.

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    I can only answer #3.
    I am currently over here in Okinawa @ Camp Hansen, as my first duty station.
    It is a beautiful place, nice and friendly people, but the only bad thing about this place is the humidity. If you walk outside for about 15 minutes you will go back inside sweating like crazy..I came from 29 Palms where I thought it was bad, but that was just dry air, here it is Humid so two way different conditions. Other then that it's not to bad, you just gotta get used to the time difference, which is 13 hrs ahead. Get used to being far far away from your family and friends. What's your MOS?

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