TA & 911 GI-Bill questions
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    TA & 911 GI-Bill questions

    Hey 's
    Let's get right into it...

    - Can I use TA while i'm enlisted then have full benefit of the GI-Bill once i'm on IRR? (want to finish my degree if I can't do the mcp/ecp)

    - What's the situation with paying the military? I read somewhere to get the Bill, you need to take paycheck money off the top?

    - When you go from active enlistment to IRR from a 4 on 4 off contract, the GI-Bill stays the same correct?

    enough for now... Thank You

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    -$100 a month for your first year. So you have to pay $1,200 to receive GI bill benefits.

    -Yes. You don't lose it, if that's what you're asking.

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    Happy Camper

    Ah, such a quick response haha... Thank You!

    All these old forums about the Mont.GI-Bill sketch me out.
    *Requesting this topic deleted to save space on the forum*
    (UNLESS said information is false)


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    Among other websites I've been researching, I came upon this and found I don't have to pay the 1,200

    ...but Thank You for responding, Sir
    Sometimes that's all it takes to spark something.


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    There are 2 different GI Bill out there right now.
    1. Montgomery GI Bill -- $100/mon for first year $1200. (Govt matches funds with interest.)
    2. 911 Gill
    If you go to the VA.gov website there is a chart that explains the differences and which each will pay for. Each bill is slightly different.

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    If your joining now im 99% that you only qualify for post 911 which you do not pay for. In 07 when I joined I automaticly got the Montgomery GI bill and elected into post 911 3 years later. I will get the 1200 back but i have to use all 36 months of the post 9/11 first

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    Both are still offered. When a recruit ships to the Depot's they will have to decline the Montgomery GI Bill automatically enrolling in 911 GI Bill. BUT Some types of college courses are not covered under the 911 (ie. trade type schools) you need to find out which GI bill will work best for you!

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    Thank you for your input gentleman.

    I feel I'll still want either a Kinesiology/Physical Therapy or Business degree so it should be the Post 911 GI-Bill that will suffice. Some more research will be done to clarify. Who knows, being in an Air Field might change my mindset haha.

    Always a pleasure

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    Take a look into the university of phoenix. Between my military training and previous college I only have 2 years to a B.S. in Management. Then depending where you go Webster offers on base Master in Management or MBA that can be one in 15 months if your not deploying alot. Best of all TA pays for it up to$250 a credit hour/$4,500 a fiscal year for you undergrad.

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    Yes, I was definitely looking into TA classes while in... the thing is UP is having a lot of trouble with "respect" among employers these days for more reasons I'd like to think about. AMU is looking like their rep. is increasing after 2006 since they became nationally and regionally accredited, but I'll keep tabs on those and research others more in dephtly as well... good looking out.

    For the housing/food benefits on the 911 GI-Bill, If i'm on a 4/4 or 5/3 contracts, when i become IRR, I'll be able to be on campus and recieve that money correct?

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    Yes you will get money under post 9/11 for BAH and books. I actually left AMU and went to UofP because UofP gave me a better transfer evaluation. No one is going to care where you got your undergrad if you have a Masters degree. One thing i will say about UofP with their discussion question format is you get to see just how many epic retards you have in your class.

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    Touche haha. Also good to know.
    I do plan on acquiring a Masters in one and Bachelors in another. I'll be the first to admit I haven't done nearly enough research on the Online School aspect as I never thought I'd use it.

    So far i've had completely adverse opinions on each online class going from website to website. Thinking it may be the standards of some: possibly the degree, or quality of teacher/students within the programs as you said.

    Ah, life's never easy is it? haha
    (Luckily I'll endure any challenge)

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