wife of deceased career Marine
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    Unhappy wife of deceased career Marine

    I'm the daughter of a now deceased Career Marine Veteran. He faithfully served his country since the age of 17. I lived most of my life on military base. I am writing on behalf of my mother. Today she is 89. She is also suffering from Alzheimers disease. My father died from cancer caused from contact with Agent Orange. When my father passed in 1986 my brother had control of my mother and had her file for term life insurance of $15,000. It was made out to his son. My mother finally broke away from his control and didn't realize until she was 81 that her life insurance had gone down. She turned all her affairs over to me before alzheimers set in. Is there a benefit that will help pay for her funeral/burial? I hate asking this but i, too, am a widow of 20 years now and live hand to mouth. Her life ins is now down to $1200, maybe even less, i'm unsure. So I wanted to ask this community of Marines if the inevitible happens in the near future will the Marine Corps help with her funeral? Thank you from a Marine Kid of 60 years old. Joan Leitherland Watson

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    Have you contacted the VA about this? They are really the ones you need to be asking. Also, gather as much info as you can about your Dad including his DD-214 form. It should be in his records

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    Sorry for your troubles.
    If your Dad is buried in a VA cemetary your Mom can be buried with him for free but Funeral Home expenses are not covered.
    Social Security will give you $250.00 towards costs.

    You should call a local Funeral Director as they deal with these issues all the time.

    Good Luck to You and Your Family.

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    Please call the VA in your area, or the VFW (Veteran's of Foreign Wars). Call the local VFW OFFICE not post. Both should be able to give you advice.

    Dee Dee

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    Contact the state that you live in and they will give you information as to what they can do.

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    PM me and I will tell you exactly what paperwork you need to send in for a VA pension for your mother and for the Burial Benefits.

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