Finding a Spouse
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    Finding a Spouse

    Hi Marines,

    I recently graduated college and is heading to MCRD SD in a month. I will hopefully become an officer through ECP in a year and a half after I receive my citizenship. I've always wondered how Marines start their families? I've heard how the divorce rate is high in the Marines, etc. I am almost 22 and I would love to start a family of my own in a few years. Is finding a spouse difficult in the military? Have you Marines who are married any tips to give us (single, new to the Corps)? I do not have a girl friend at the moment and I am not looking for one because it'd be irresponsible for me at this stage. Are most Marine wives homemakers due to their husbands' constant moving?

    I realize this is an unique topic. But this is of great concern to me because regardless of my commitment to the Corps, starting a family of my own is incredibly important to me. Please feel free to ask me any question to help you answer.

    Thank you for reading Ladies and Gentlemen. I look forward to your experience and wisdom.

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    Marines start families in the same way everyone else does. Procreation. Finding a wife isn't the hard part from what I saw it was keeping her while you deployed. Take your time find the right one, make sure she understands what she's getting into, be honest. My First Sergent at my last duty station was married before I was born. His wife had more time in service. It is possible.

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    Thank you replying Sir! Do most Marines look for wives outside the Corps? I imagined one would spend more time with female Marines than civilian women.

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    Since your over 21, you will most likely end up going bar hopping, and just finding random girls to sneak into your barracks room for the night. I do know ALOT of the Marines I work with that are all married are with there high school sweet hearts or some girl they knew before they joined the Corps. Its hard to find someone where your stationed because sooner or later you'll be moving and she wont want to leave what she has there. You might find someone, you might not, just like every where else in the world, just a little bit harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarinesFTW View Post
    Since your over 21, you will most likely end up going bar hopping, and just finding random girls to sneak into your barracks room for the night...
    Hahaha... oh dear

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    I married a WM. Personally, after dating civvies, and being married to a female sailor for a short bit...I found WM's much more to my liking.

    But, that's just me. Take it for what it's worth...July we'll have been together 24 years...and counting.

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    I met my wife in college, and she is a very successful music teacher. She has no problem finding jobs despite the moves. So, no, not all wives are homemakers.

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    That's wonderful news ammermda! Thank you for commenting, Sir!

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    Stay away from the mail order brides....unless they have a strong back....and good teeth.

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    As Gunny Fosnow said "If the Marine Corps decides you need a wife they will issue you one" I suggest you get a hold of a nice supply Sgt.

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    Well this is an unusual thread.

    I met my wife on a beach at Padre Island, TX when I was going through advanced flight training. We got married about 2 years later. We made it through 25 years of marriage until she passed away at 49 from breast cancer

    There is no pool from which to select a wife. But if you are thinking of making the Corps a career be advised you'll be separated for long periods of time. I was gone for nearly 4 of my 20 years. I missed out on much of what was happening with my daughters. The hardest part was returning home expecting things to be the way they were when I left

    Not going to happen. People and situations change and if you don't adapt you're doomed to fail. Don't expect your family to revert back to your ways, adapt to theirs.

    Final bit of advice, don't rush into marriage. If it's the right person you'll know but spend more time planning the marriage than you do the wedding

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    I met my wife on Yahoo, Military Chat Room #8, almost 8 years ago when I was a young Cpl looking for a quit ticket to move out of the barracks. No, really.

    Oddly, things worked out for us and we're still trying to kill eachother today.

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    Thank you Marines for your advices. Especially to you Dan. Wise words indeed. I am terribly sorry to hear about your wife. I thank you for your honest warnings. Joining the Corps definitely requires sacrifice in this area. I will remember this.

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    Oh dear... I have to worry about who to thank from now on... hahah

    But honestly this thread has benefitted me so much. I don't think there's a better source than you senior Marines who's been through it all. A lot of people my age (and my recruiters, too, actually) are still talking about hooking up with girls in bars so I was reluctant to ask them about this.

    Thanks once again for being so helpful!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave2571 View Post
    Especially DAN?? A Naval aviator?? Did he send you a friendship request long ago like I did??

    Choosing the Navy over the Corps??

    Just kidding------we're always glad to help someone like you who has a good attitude, actually a great attitude. As you can see from Ask A Marine, not all questions are legitmate. LOL

    Now Dave don't get upset. Not everyone can be as well liked and admired as I am. I know you try hard but lets face it, God had other plans for you. When the call was sent out for well educated law school grads to serve our country, you responded like a true patriot and joined the Air Force. That took real courage my friend. I sort of admire and almost respect you.

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